We are so looking forward to the Vogue Beauty Night. During this event, we will provide everyone with perfect custom-made brows right after Rob Peetoom’s Hair Masterclass. A fantastic event in cooperation with Rob Peetoom x Vogue Nederland.

During the Rob Peetoom hair-masterclass you will learn everything from the experts (also from the master Rob Peetoom herself). For example about how to get your hair healthy and shiny and the great things you can do like triple braiding. You will also receive nutritional advice from Go With The Glow, a head massage, get acquainted with the Kérastase Resistance Extentionist line, make-up of Ellis Faas, a haircut and blow-dry by a Rob Peetoom Top Stylist and of course the most fun part is the INGEbrows Treatment. On top of all, your new look will be captured by a Vogue photographer in the very stylish Rob Peetoom studio. Do we see you Friday, May 11?

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