Brows are hot. Without a good eyebrow your look is not complete and the INGEbrows treatments we offer at every Rob Peetoom salon are more popular than ever! Of course there are many questions about the treatment, therefore, we answer the most frequently asked ones.


How long does the result last?
“The result stays visible for three to four weeks. You can ofcourse choose to just paint your eyebrows for that time and do the INGEbrows waxing another time.

Is it also possible to have epilate my eyebrows, instead of waxing?
“When you have a sensitive reaction to the wax (based on Argan oil), then we can wax the brows with sugar wax, this is even gentler on your skin. But do you prefer plucking, then we will ofcourse do that!”

From now on, can I get my eyebrows done together with my hair?
“Yes, that happens very often. For example if you let your hair color, we will bring, in the withdrawal of the paint, your eyebrows fully in model again. That saves time!”

In which Rob Peetoom salons can I book this treatment?
“In all our Rob Peetoom salons, even in Bali, you can go for the whole range of INGEbrows.”

I had after the treatment a bit of a red skin with some bumps, is this normal?
“Yes, this is because it is the first time and it takes a while to get used to it. The next time your skin will recognize the stimulus. Should this not be the case, we take no risks and use sugar. After the treatment, we apply standardly calming INGEbrows-cream. ”

Can you also get rid of the hair on my upper lip and cheeks?
“Of course. When we do the INGEbrows treatment we’re checking whether these places are needed and we recommend it. If necessary, we offer combinations, making the treatments together more advantageous.”

How do I get my eyebrows myself so beautifully in model?
“We advise you during the INGEbrows treatment. Naturally, we make use of the INGEbrows product line, it is not only available in all Rob Peetoom salons, but also in our online shop.

Are men also welcome?
“For men, we have a special INGEbrows for men treatment that is adapted to the powerful presence of men. In the treatment we get the hairs between the eyebrows off, so the look is less cranky.”

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