Yay, the new spring/summer edition of the Peetoom Paper is out. An edition full of beauty inspiration is only complete with an item about INGEbrows, don’t you think? Is it for you a daily struggle to do your eyebrows? To dive into the pool or the sea afterwards is of course not an option.

The INGEbrows to Stay Treatment offers the solution for you. Eyebrows that are reconstructed or perfected – this depends on the amount of hairs that your eyebrow has – by  this technique are created by drawing with pigment each eyebrow hair in the right curve. This technique is also known under the name microblading or nanoblading. With this treatment you always have beautiful, full, custom made eyebrows. The last one is important, because your brows should fit your face. If you do the Follow-Up Treatment every year and you use INGEbrows products next to it, you will not have to worry about your brows for a long time. What a nice prospect with these summer days. Book an appointment quickly in the Rob Peetoom Salon Haarlem (flagship store), The Hague, Utrecht or Bali (Indonesia).

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