Eyebrows are a very important part of the face, which is often underestimated. They give a face more expression, character and appearance. Plus when your eyebrows matches your face, it creates especially more beauty. If you feel that you look good, you also radiate more self-confidence. A beautiful eyebrow is also a huge trend, even more sparked by Cara Delevinge. One of Cara’s statements is: ‘If you have nice eyebrows, you literally have everything you need in life’. That’s why there is a need for a professional way to groom, to improve and to style eyebrows.

INGEbrows is based on a unique measurement method. Faces are so unique that you have to look at more than just the shape or thickness of the eyebrow. INGEbrows starts with a good study of the shape of the face. Is the face round, square, oval or narrow? There are at least twelve (!) different face shapes. The secret to the perfect eyebrow that fits your face is that the shape is based on the principle ‘look, balance & rejuvenation’, where as an important factor physiognomic – or face reading – is, in which the characteristics of a beautiful face have been examined. A special sugar depilation ensures that unwanted hair stays away for a long time (and is hygienic and hypo-allergenic, so soft for the skin). You get the best result when you color the new eyebrow at least 1 shade darker, for even more expression, which you will enjoy for weeks.

Eyebrows, they are often neglected in the world of beauty, but still extreme important to contribute to your appearance! Many different types of eyebrows have passed in recent years. Below an overview of eyebrows through the years:


1920 Screen icon Clara Bow pioneered the ‘melancholic brow’, which was so fine and thin it was simply known as ‘the line’.



1930 High brow arches could create an almost clownish effect, were it not for the fact that Hollywood beauty Joan Crawford – who personified the beauty ideal of the era – could pull it off better than just about anyone.




1940 DSay goodbye to the arch, to be replaced with a sharp curve. This slightly fuller look added a certain wholesomeness to the screen sirens of that era (such as Veronica Lake).




1950 Style of the day: sleek, angular, and full. One of the best-kept Hollywood beauty secrets of the 1950s was that Audrey Hepburn’s enviably full brows were not all natural and were, in fact, almost entirely drawn onto her stunning face.




1960 The angular look remained, but was softened up slightly. Brows themselves became thinner around this time too, as witnessed by the ‘dreamy’ eyebrows on the leading model of the day, Twiggy.




1970 The natural, fresh beauty of popular seventies model Lauren Hutton established a new trend, with more natural-looking brows.




1980 Brooke Shields’ luxuriant, full brows are part of what defined the quintessential eighties look. What else can we say about these iconic brows that hasn’t been said already?




1990 Eyebrows went back to a finer, thinner shape, complete with overenthusiastic waxing and tweezing. Who doesn’t cringe at the memory of the ‘comma eyebrows’ popular around this time? Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham, you have a lot to answer for!




2000 Phew! We could finally relax, as it became OK again to be seen with a fuller and natural look for brows, with Julia Roberts leading the trend.




2010 The world became enchanted by the free-spirited British model Cara Delevingne, not least because of the full, dark caterpillars that graced her face. Today’s trend seems to be to celebrate individuality, and we’re gradually discovering the power of the natural shape of our brows. Long may this trend last!