February is typically an ‘in between month’. Christmas, New Year, after parties; they are all over. Those resolutions were fine for two weeks, outside it’s cold, gray, rainy. Like we said, a little encouraging. Yet we can speak of a highlight this month: Valentine’s Day! But a bit of inspiration during this ‘winter dip’ will be convenient.

What does the February mood mean in our daily look? We still find it difficult to leave the glamor and fun of the holidays behind us. Moreover, this boring month (apart from Valentine’s Day of course) can use some glitter. We say: just do it! The metallic brow, shiny copper-colored make-up shades – if used subtly – give a beautiful chic and warm appearance in these somewhat gloomy days. Love reigns in February, so saying goodbye to romance is not an option. A good excuse to combine glamor & romance and to opt for warm tones such as earth colors, ocher, copper and greyish pink. During the day, the matte version is preferable, approaching the natural, to shine in the evening during special occasions in a subtle way with a 2.0 version in metallic and glitter.

February we are going well and we can calmly prepare for the spring that starts in March. Means that from now on we will slowly go back to pure and natural ….?


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