Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. That is often underestimated. They can make a face or break, communicate emotions and must therefore fit in well with the shape and expression of your face to let your eyes shine. If you feel that you look good, you also show more self-confidence.

Faces are so unique that you should look at more than just the shape or thickness of the eyebrow. The treatment starts with an advisory interview, followed by a facial analysis and at least, followed by the unique INGEbrows measuring method. This also determines the shape of the eyebrow. The excess hairs are removed by wax based on argan oil and/or sugar. The latter is ideal for people who have very sensitive skin or allergic reactions. Optional is the eyebrow tinting. Which is also advisable because the eyebrow looks much fuller since the downy hairs are also dyed. After coloring, we brush the eyebrows in shape, to see if there are extremely long hairs. We cut them very carefully! We powder the eyebrows and show you how you can do that at home yourself. With the INGEbrows gel we bring the eyebrow hairs into shape, so it wil stay in shape all day long. We end the treatment with a mini make-up, so you always leave the salon beautifully and cared for.

A ‘virgin’ eyebrow contains about 1100 hairs on average and INGEbrows cherishes these hairs. The optimum shape for your eyebrows is created by an ingeniously developed measuring method, developed by Inge van der Plas, with a special brush. This measurement method takes into account the face shape, where there are no less than twelve different ones. We assume the five most common forms: round, oval, square, long & small and triangle. The measurements that are made are different for each face; after all everyone is unique. That is why we talk about a ‘custom made’ eyebrow. The eyebrow is subdivided into three segments or measuring points: ‘APPEARANCE, BALANCE & REJUVENATION’ and was developed on the basis of physiognomic – face reading -, in which the characteristics of a beautiful face were examined.

We work with wax – based on argan oil – and/or sugar (both natural products), so that unwanted hair keeps away longer. Both methods are gentle to the skin. The wax is based on argan oil and the sugar is very suitable for sensitive skin. What are the differences between waxing versus sugar?

Wax is based on argan oil and a soft wax that is completely depilated. Only to be used for the eyebrows.

Various facial parts are depilated by sugar depilation (body-sugaring). It is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. Water and fructose have been added to this so-called glucose, what means softer for the skin than wax and therefore ideal for sensitive skin. The hair removal is at the end less effective but a very good product to use in addition to depilation of the eyebrows also for the upper lip, chin and cheeks. With the use of sugar, this is a lot less painful. The tinting and depilation of the upper lip can be added to the standard treatment. After removing the hairs, the skin is treated with INGEbrows oil to calm it down.

* fructose ensures that the glucose is not absorbed in the blood. So also suitable for diabetics.

The alternative for waxing and / or sugar depilation. Removing one hair can already bring the shape of the eyebrow out of balance, so do not get started yourself, but let this be done by an experienced INGEbrows Brow Specialist.

After the eyebrow has been brought into shape, the eyebrow is colored. The dyeing of the eyebrows can be done in different colors. The chosen shade is at least one shade darker than your own color and a maximum of three shades darker, depending on your wishes and your appearance. The dyeing is optional and it is advisable to book these because down hairs are also dyed for an extra full effect. We use paint for sensitive skin.

The mini make-up is at the end of the treatment with the use of at least 5 make-up products and associated tips, in which products from Ellis Faas are used in addition to INGEbrows products. The INGEbrows products can be bought here to keep the beautiful result as perfect as possible after the INGEbrows Treatment.

The method applied to men – who usually have harder and longer eyebrow hairs – gives a well-groomed impression, but retains the tough, masculine appearance. We also offer treatments for the removal of unwanted hair growth in the nose and ears.

Treatment for men
Treatment + tinting
Treatment + tinting eyelashes
Middle section
Nose + ear
Eyelashes tinting

You can certainly enjoy your perfect eyebrows for three to four weeks. Curious about the results of various INGEbrows Treatments? Click here on the photo to view ‘before & after’ photos

Add an eye mask to your treatment. This way you create a wonderful spa moment during an INGEbrows. This ‘uplifting and skin boosting eye treatment’ works regenerating, restorative, intensely hydrating and soothing.

Treatment + tinting
Depilation + tinting
Treatment + tinting + eye mask
Treatment + tinting + upper lip + eye mask


A very effective method to strengthen your eye is to dye the eyelashes. You’ll enjoy the result for weeks. Adding a long lasting mascara after tinting the eyelashes gives extra volume and an amazing result.

Long lasting mascara provides for two weeks long carefree enjoyment of an unparalleled look.

Our method to ‘lift’ the lashes creates an effect that you normally only achieve with an eyelash curler or when using mascara. You can enjoy the result for at least eight weeks and it hardly needs any care. The lift is advised to paint the eyelashes. Use the INGEbrows serum before, during and after this treatment to allow the lashes to grow permanently.

Lift eyelashes + tinting
Tinting eyebrows + eyelashes
Treatment + eyebrows + tinting eyelashes